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KIBBLES (dachshund mix)

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Friends of Kibbles Place.
If you would like to have your picture added to this page, just send me a jpg, no larger than 300x300, with a short story about yourself. Be sure to include your name, breed, and any other info you'd like to share and I will add you to my list of friends. Send to:

AOIFE (chihuahua) [pronounced EE-fuh]

I had been wanting my own dog FOREVER, until finally cirucumstances in my life made it possible for me to. I had been dog hunting for a while, but never found anyone small enough that I could take care of... that is until.....AOIFE! I bought her from a private party & she's been the princess of the household ever since (a title that she blatantly stole from Kibbles). She spends her days exploring, sunbathing, sleeping, playing & enjoying being the darling doggie that she is.

KIBBLES (wire haired terrier mix)

I found your site, and read your story about your dog Kibbles, and it brought more than a couple of tears to my eyes.

Like you, I had a dog named Kibbles, she was a wire haired terrier mix, and she was such a bundle of love and energy. Like your Kibbles, we rescued ours from an abusive situation when she was 6 weeks old. She was so thin and frail, and so dirty. We fed her and cleaned her up, and while she had a bed, her favorite place was curled up right at my side on the bed. She was my best friend, and she was the strongest little dog I've ever known. She came from so much adversity, but she truely loved our family and showed it everyday. Kibbles passed away from cancer not long ago, she was 14 years old. And while I know she lived a happy and wonderful life, I feel everyday that she was called away just a little to soon.

I know this doesn't mean much to you, but I just wanted to say thanks for letting me speak... and that I think it's so cool that there's another dog out there named Kibbles, too. Especially with so much in common with my beloved pet.

Thank you so much.
My best wishes to you and your pet Kibbles.

KIBBLES (dachshund/sheltie)

Our family had a dog named Kibbles for fifteen years but it died last year. Just for fun I searched her name on Google and what did I find but a Kibbles website! What is even more surprising is the Kibbles who is CEO of the website looks a lot like our Kibbles. I will attach a picture of our Kibbles for you to see the resemblance.

PAWS (terrier mix)

Our son found a small puppy one rainy night in the street. She was cold, wet and shivering. So he brought her home and we fell in love with her on the spot. Named her Paws cause she was all black with white paws and chest. Lived with us 18 happy years and must say was very spoiled. Paws went to doggy heaven in 2001. She was the best dog we ever had. Love you Paws and miss you.....

NEMO (sheltie)

He is so lovely and also pretty wild. He gives a new style for our home. Everybody loves him and between sleeping and eating he is clearing up the house, eating plants, bites in this and in that. Very funny. I have to look all the time where he is, because he is so crazy meanwhile he could kill himself. But we love it !! The last days we laughed so much about him, because he can jump like a cat behind the toys. He's such a cute little boy.


I am still so heartbroken about the death of my beautiful girl Kibbles on 7/13/05. Kibbles was a stray that someone dropped off and we had her for nine years. She had surgery to repair a "knee" problem and died 2 weeks later.

Kibbles was the perfect dog. In nine years, she had two accidents in the house - the first one she went in the shower. The second was the day she died.

Kibbles loved to eat - cheese and cookies were her favorites. She also loved the lake and the boat. She would trade almost anything for a ride in our boat - she would put her head on the side of the boat and let the wind just blue through her fur.

What an amazing opportunity to have loved this girl - if dogs become angels when they die - heaven is a happier place.
Love, Kisses and Tail Wags,
Pam and Andy

TANK and NALA (poodles)

Hi, my name is Tank. I'm a Pisces. Date of birth March 6, 2005. I'm white with a splash of gold around the ear's and back. My actual weight is 3 lbs, but in my mind I'm 250 lbs or so... I think BIG! My Mom is BEAUTIFUL, she let's me do whatever I want, like poop all over my grandmas stuff... Grandma is not to happy about that so she hits my butt with her shoe. Of course I cry and that always gets my Moms attention :o) What can I say "its good to be king".

Hi, my name is Nala (yeah, like Simba's girlfriend, only I'm a tiny cutie patootie!) I'm a Pisces (whatever that means, I hear my grandma talk about it all the time). I'm white all over with a very little touch of brown around my ears. My date of birth is March 14, 2005. I weigh 2 to 3 lbs give or take a few. I have big brown eyes and my honey bunny Tank loves me for my mind not my looks! I love my Mom. She always greets me with a big smile and sits on the floor to play with me. She tells me she loves me every day and I think that's very special. I don't like to make my Mom or grandma worry about me. I'm just cool like that. I try to take care of myself, but I need help with Tank sometimes. He's a typical boy, you know what I mean? Life is dandy I couldn't be more blessed!


Thanks Judy,
I received the doggie car shades today. They are very cute and exactly what I needed. They are packaged in such a cute way - the whole package was packed with loving care just like I would do. Thanks so much for the pen also the great service and lovely products.
Lauren & Ziggy


Hi Judy,
I was just thinking when I emailed you at work today that I wondered if my payment had cleared and if maybe my order had shipped today. I was so surprised to get home and receive my order!!! Thank you so much, I love these charms. I am definitely going to be ordering more. I noticed you have 2 in stock now, I will order some more very soon. And this time, i will order thru Paypal and not select e-check, haha! The charms are adorable and thank you so much for the pen. I am a very happy customer and I will definitely be ordering again real soon. I just had to write you and brag on you and your store :) Oh, I hope you don't mind me attaching a picture of my beloved pugs. Kibble is absolutely adorable!!!

DOOCEE and BEL (french bulldogs)

Doocee is short for Hillbuckle's Deux Chevaux - age 9 months
Bel's full name is Gasconade Bel-Gazou - age 11 yrs

GEORGIE (border collie/terrier) & MOLES (spaniel/shepherd)

These are my two girls. They are both rescues. Unfortunately Moles passed on 4 years ago. She was an amazing dog that lived to be almost 16. Her passing was the hardest thing I have ever been through. Georgie just turned 15 and is so intelligent and energetic. She takes good care of me since Moles passed. She is a wonderful dog and still keeps me going and laughing.

I just wanted to say thank you for sending my stuff so quickly and for wrapping everything so meticulously! It was like Christmas and everything is so cute! Also thank you for the Kibbles Place cards, pen and magnet. So cute!!!

Thanks again!
P.S. A big hug and kiss to Kibbles!

JAKE (papillon/dachshund)

Hello Judy,
Kibbles' medical history sounds like that of my springer spaniel, Abbey, who lived to age 15. I had her euthanized Sept. 08 and found Jake, age 5, three weeks later. Jake is also a papillon dachshund mix. I happened to be across the street picking up Abbey's ashes at the same time Jake was brought into the shelter.  I stopped into the shelter and was the first one to sign up for terrified little Jake.  He was not yet adoptable. I went the following Tues. and spent 3 hours with him to check him out.  He walked well with me, eventually came to me when called when we shared a big outdoor enclosure.  I sat quietly and allowed him to check me out, too.  I was so pleased that I took him home and we have bonded very, very nicely ever since.  He now knows that we are a family. This is such an adorable mix of breeds. Kibble is adorable, too.

Thanks for your website and friendly approach. Jake doesn't need any products now....maybe later. Hope business is going well for you.

Best wishes,


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