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plush dogs
Plush Puppies
Plush puppies holding bones
Choose from red, blue, yellow,
purple, green or orange
$5.00 ea

(quantity in stock: 2 in each color)
bone clips
Bone-Shaped Key Rings
2" x 1 1/4"
Choose from blue, pink, yellow
green, turquoise, or purple
$3.00 ea

(quantity in stock: 1 in each color)
Mini Mug Ornament
1 1/2" tall

(quantity in stock: 1)
Transparent Soap
Soap for humans
3 1/4" diameter

(quantity in stock: 2)
Dog Stickers
A dozen doggie stickers,
of various breeds, to brighten
up your notes, letters, etc.
$3.50 NRFP

(quantity in stock: 5)
Bone Shaped Pens
"I Love My Dog!"
printed on each pen in red
Approx 8" long

(quantity in stock: 11)

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